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744 Ships Scrapped in 2018

744 large ocean-going commercial vessels were sold to the scrap yards in 2018, out of which 518 were broken down on South Asia beaches, accounting for a record-breaking 90.4% of the gross tonnage dismantled globally. According to new data released by the NGO Shipbreaking Platform, at least 34 workers lost their lives when breaking apart the global fleet. The Platform documented at least 14 workers that died in Alang, making 2018 one of the worse years for Indian yards in terms of accident records in the last decade. Vessels required to have Green Passport or Inventory of Hazardous Materials on board. Albion Marine Solutions offers professional survey services for vessel inspection and development of Inventory for Hazardous Materials.

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Compliance with the 2020 Sulphur Cap

From January 1 2020, in accordance with MARPOL VI1, the sulphur content of fuel oil used onboard commercial ships trading outside Sulphur Emission Control Areas (ECAs)2 must not exceed 0.5% m/m. The 0.50% sulphur limit is a significant reduction from the current global limit of 3.50% m/m which has been in place since 2012. The worldwide implementation of this important new International Maritime Organization (IMO) requirement, represents a regulatory game changer. Albion Marine Solutions Ltd. assist Shipowners by developing vessel specific Sulphur Cap 2020 compliance plans. Plans to be reviewed and approved by Flag

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Sulphur Cap 2020 - Scrubber & Low Sulphur Fuel Retrofit Solutions

Our Project Manager, Mr. Ishaan Goel gives us an insight into Sulphur Cap 2020 - Scrubber & Low Sulphur Fuel Retrofit Solutions, and how Albion Marine can help. We at Albion Marine recognize the fact that no two ships are similar. We strive to find the ship specific solution. Albion Marine Solutions is one stop shop to ensure your Sulphur Cap 2020 compliance.


Beware of local restrictions before discharging washwater from exhaust gas scrubbing

The IMO considers exhaust gas scrubbers to be an acceptable means of reducing vessels' sulphur emissions and ensuring compliance with MARPOL Annex VI. A separate guideline, Resolution MEPC.259(68), specifies the requirements for the verification, testing, survey and certification of scrubber systems and sets out the criteria for discharging scrubber washwater into the sea. However some coastal stated and ports have implemented local regulations with more stringent requirements that restrict or completely prohibit the discharge of washwater from open loop scrubbers or prohibit the use of scrubbers. More information: Local restrictions before discharging washwater from EGS