Albion Zero – true zero-emission ferry

Albion Marine is proud to be on the front lines of new electric and hybrid propulsion technologies for existing fleets and new builds. It is already a few years since we have completed a concept design for an actual zero-emission cable ferry- Albion Zero. The concept utilizes solar power and the power of river streams to generate sufficient charge for ferry operation. The ferry carries eight vehicles or two large trucks and capable of operating in shallow waters. The vessel does not need an electric grid, and it does not utilize engines during the regular process.


Director of Albion Marine Mr. Yakovenko says: “It is an elegant engineering concept specifically designed for a river crossing in remote Northern location with limited or non-existing infrastructure. Our modular design makes it suitable for a large range of ferry designs. The conversion payback period only a few years”. The initial CAPEX makes sense. Nowadays, electric or hybrid technologies get more and more interest with progressive Shipowners and operators. First of all, we see a massive drop in the price of cell batteries. The cell prices declined from 1,160 to 176 US dollars per kilowatt-hour (kWh) from 2010 to 2018. As a result, the industry increasingly sees batteries in hybrid power systems, especially in the ferry and short-sea segments. The hybrid power immensely reduces air emissions while reducing overall OPEX by 30-60%.



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With the support of Transport Canada, Albion Marine Solutions has completed the development of an innovative Advanced Air Emissions Abatement Technology The third phase was finalized successfully by the concept design of the technology. This adaptable technology solution intends to reduce the actual air emissions across Canadian ports.

Albion is confident of improving the general air quality near ports much more than current standards by targeting capturing of near cent percentages of SOx, NOx, Particulate matter (PM2.5 & PM10) emitted from the vessels.

Successful Completion of BWTS retrofits in China, Singapore and Turkey

The pandemic might have slowed us all down but the inquiries to Albion Marine Solutions for 3D scanning, and engineering are rising by the day as the owners try to schedule BWTS retrofits in good time.

Albion Marine successfully completed BWTS retrofits in China, Singapore and Turkey.

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Albion Marine is actively assisting Shipowners to comply with new EEXI legislation

Abion Marine is actively assisting Shipowners to comply with new EEXI legislation. The MEPC 75, IMO agreed to amend MARPOL Annex VI to introduce a new technical efficiency standard for in-service vessels- the Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index’ (EEXI). This is due to be adopted in June 2021 (MEPC 76).

Entry into force is expected to be in the fourth quarter of 2022, but no later than 1 January 2023. The exact date will be confirmed in June.

Demonstration of compliance will be required by the vessel’s first survey for the issue of endorsement of the International Air Pollution Prevention Certification (IAPPC), following the entry into force.

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