Albion Marine Solutions’ team members have extensive new build, conversion, and operational experience in use of natural gas as a fuel and carriage as a cargo. 

We have required expertise to develop the solutions in variety of natural gas fields, including: 

• LNG/CNG/LPG as a cargo

• LNG as a fuel

• MEGI conversion

• CNG as a fuel 

• LNG bunkering

• LNG ship to ship operations

• LNG terminals

• Offshore storage and

• Onshore and small engine application. 

The interest to the conversions to an LNG as a marine fuel is driven by stringent air emission reduction legislations and Shipowners’ focus on reduction of the bunker Opex. 



Albion Marine Solutions provide consulting as well as end-to-end engineering and project management services for conversion of power, propulsion, and steam plants to LNG.  

Albion Marine Solutions LNG/CNG/LPG services targets inspection and consulting services, as well as repair and overhaul of all ship machinery, including main and auxiliary engines, cargo access equipment, steam plants and boilers, automation, electrical repairs, pipe, and steel work. 

Our technical and cryogenic experts work closely with customers to select the most viable lay out option.  

When developing the project specific LNG/CNG solution there are number of considerations to keep in mind such as a boiler or engine technology, auxiliary equipment, naval architecture, marine engineering, yard management, training, and bunkering logistics. Our team of qualified engineers have experience in working on LNG vessels. Voyage repairs, maintenance work and periodical inspections can be carried out during the ships’ trade route. Our team can complete repairs and work onboard LNG carriers during scheduled dry-docking.  

Being Ship management professionals ourselves, we know how to work with multiple stakeholders to deliver the project on time and according to budget.