Albion Marine Solutions designs and produces scrubbers for SOx removal from exhaust gases and offers installation supervision, crew training, after-sales support and much more. Albion Marine also provides operation health checks as well as training. 

In October 2016, the IMO voted on a stricter, global Sulphur oxides limit, which were implemented in 2020. Setting a global Sulphur oxides cap will have a positive effect on the air we breathe.

Feasibility studies show that there is enough supply of required fuel oil and suitable abatement technologies to help all vessels comply with a global legislation.

Scrubbers or Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS) are used to remove particulate matter and harmful components, such as Sulphur oxides (SOx) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) from the exhaust gasses generated as a result of combustion processes in marine engines, to implement pollution control. Our team has offer project solutions for Canadian ports regarding SOx, NOx and greenhouse gases. Albion Marine Solutions is turn-key service provider. Our professional team is well prepared to plan, execute and support the retrofit of scrubbers, selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems on clients’ vessels while managing the operational and technology risks, and sourcing the most cost-effective and reliable solutions from Capex and future Opex perspective. Once the decision to use a scrubber has been made, it is important for owners and operators to understand the available technology, life-cycle costs and operational impacts of each type of scrubber being considered. Albion Marine Solutions provides a comprehensive suite of guidance and solutions to help our clients evert step of the way.

3D Scan

We specialize in 3D laser scanning for the maritime and industrial engineering and design applications. Every scan measure millions of discrete points and each point allocated its precise position in space. 

Our scans capture quality accurate measurements on board. Our specialized engineers capture all the areas of the Engine Room of the vessel. While not disrupting normal vessel operations, we scan every possible area where the Scrubber System may be installed.

We then deliver accurate as built 3D models. Our Naval Architectures will conduct a feasibility study for the new installation with a detailed model avoiding conflicts with existing piping or other equipment.


Riding Squads

Albion Marine Solutions Ltd. provides trained and certified electricians, mechanics, pipe fitters and technicians to ensure safe and efficient repairs and retrofits on board of the ships at sea or in ports. The voyage repairs are carried out onboard the vessels without hampering the routine operation of the vessels and thus no commercial loss for the clients.  Riding Squads are composed based on the nature of the job scope.  Albion can take up voyage repairs or work in the shipyard for new build and during routine dry-dock repairs with the Riding Squads.  Riding Squad can perform:

• repairs and/or renewal of steel and/or GRE pipes, 

• fabrication jobs involving installation of ladder, stairs, access platforms, installation of lifting I-beam,

• retrofitting of any equipment/s on deck, engine room and accommodation

 • major overhaul of main engine and auxiliary engines

• repairs of auxiliary machinery – viz. winches, windlass, deck cranes, various types of pumps, air compressors etc. 

Albion also has a dedicated and trained team to carry out routine health checks and repairs of Scrubbers and BWTS (Ballast water Treatment System).


Albion Marine Solutions provides training in scrubber maintenance and chemical handling. Our training covers system design and function, governing documents, operation, maintenance and troubleshooting. Training can take place at customer sites. Well-trained crew who understand the system and regulatory issues will increase the lifetime of the machinery, reduce opex, and, crucially, lower the risk of non-compliance. Training can also prevent scrubber downtime should the crew misread or misunderstand the regulations.


Albion Marine Solutions offers a full range of class, certification and verification services to support the proper installation and commissioning of a scrubber. Our team of experts can help you at any stage of scrubber installation and operation. Albion Marine can also provide a lifecycle cost analysis which compares the economic impacts of the various fuel and associated equipment options to better inform our clients about the selection process. Albion Marine Solutions can help you make the right decisions for your fleet. 

After Sales Services 

Complete Health Check (Semi-annual) 

• Detailed Checklist- based inspection by maker trained personnel. 

• No infringement with any maker. Does not involve proprietary software checks. 

• Covers structural, mechanical and electrical maintenance scope 

• IAS and system integration checks, including electrical cabling issues. 

• Comprehensive health check report provided at the end with issues, recommendations and photos. 

Sensor Exchange Calibration Program 

• Calibration of all sensors as per maker’s manual. 

• Maker- certified calibrated sensor is installed while old sensor is sent to the sensor maker’s calibration facility and stored with AMS 

• Involves all commonly used sensors such as pH sensor, pAH probe and turbidimeter. 

• Sensor exchange/ replacement/ calibration – completely managed by a dedicated Albion Marine Project Manager