Riding Crew

Albion Marine Solutions Ltd. provides trained and certified electricians, mechanics, pipe fitters and technicians to ensure safe and efficient repairs and retrofits on board of the ships at sea or in ports.



The voyage repairs are carried out onboard the vessels without hampering the routine operation of the vessels and thus no commercial loss for the clients. When the repairs are finalized, the team will exit the vessel at the next port and be on their way. Our riding crew team is known for their top notch, precise expertise in the maritime industry.


Riding Squads are composed based on the nature of the job scope. Common tasks completed underway are of the mechanical, weld, testing, and electrical variety. You can expect our team to always be specialized in these areas.


Albion has a team of Certified - Fitters, Welders, GRE Fitters, Electricians, Skilled and trained Fitters for Main and Auxiliary engine major overhauls. 


Our team can take up voyage repairs or work in the shipyard for new build and during routine dry-dock repairs with the Riding Squads.


Riding Squad can perform:

·         Repairs and/or renewal of steel and/or GRE pipes,

·         Fabrication jobs involving installation of ladder, stairs, access platforms, installation of lifting I-beam,

·         Retrofitting of any equipment/s on deck, engine room and accommodation

·         Major overhaul of main engine and auxiliary engines

·         Repairs of auxiliary machinery – viz. winches, windlass, deck cranes, various types of pumps, air compressors etc.

 Albion also has a dedicated and trained team to carry out routine health checks and repairs of Scrubbers and BWTS (Ballast water Treatment System).


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Albion Marine provides Superintendency services globally, managed by a dedicated Ship Superintendency team in Delta, BC, Canada. 

We also provided workshop assistance for critical work from several ports globally such as : 

  • USA : Houston ( coverage areas Brownsville –
  • New Orleans - Miami ), Seattle, Long Beach
  • Singapore
  • Europe : Gdansk, Romania
  • Canada : Vancouver, Halifax, St. John
  • UAE: Dubai / Fujairah
  • China: Shanghai

All our workshops are fully equipped for machining and fabrication facilities, Class approved welders, technicians and fitters. 

Our Services include: 

  • Underwater hull inspection (at port/anchorage)
  • Underwater propeller polishing
  • Dry-dock Steel / Hull / Pipeline Repair Estimation and Budgeting
  • Damage / Grounding Survey and Assessments
  • Rafting / Rope Access Surveys – Monitoring / Resource Optimization
  • Owners’ Representative / Monitoring of Class Renewal / UTM Surveys / LSA FFA surveys.
  • Condition Assessment Survey
  • Underwater hull inspection (at port/ anchorage)
  • Underwater propeller polishing
  • Dry-dock Steel / Hull / Pipeline Repair Estimation and Budgeting
  • Damage / Grounding Survey and Assessments
  • Rafting / Rope Access Surveys – Monitoring / Resource Optimization
  • Owners’ Representative / Monitoring of Class Renewal / UTM Surveys / LSA FFA surveys
  • Preparation of IHM (Inventory of Hazardous Materials) as per Hong Kong International Convention
  • Inspection, Detection, Quantification of Hazardous Materials like Asbestos, Heavy Metals, Ozone Depletion Substances, Poly Chlorinated Bi-Phenyls etc.
  • All services performed by Certified HAZMAT Experts
  • Turnkey Service Including Lab Testing of Samples Obtained.
  • Total lead time for Report Generation after On Board Survey – 3 Weeks”


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Tank Cleaning

Albion Marine is providing experienced riding teams for cost-effective, reliable, and safe tank cleaning services worldwide. Regardless of the size or the material within the tanks, we have experienced personnel, to deliver a quality finish.  Our project management will put safety procedures in place and will work with clients to reduce potential disruptions to their operations. We offer a complete tank cleaning service from inspection, planning, cleaning, treatment and/or waste disposal.


Technical considerations for continuous operations on compliant fuels.

There are some important technical considerations for continuous operations on compliant fuels which may involve, among other, fuel tankage allocation and separation, fuel handling system upgrades, handling of excess steam, auxiliary boilers upgrades. We utilize a holistic and methodical approach to development of cost-effective and reliable solution for each type of vessels. 


We provide:

• Wastewater treatment neutralization for compliance with wastewater discharge regulations

• Tank maintenance and inspection 

• Fuel oil tank cleaning 

• Large-scale tank cleaning 

We have the equipment and experience necessary to complete any tank cleaning project. 



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Ship Sanitation

In 2020 COVID-19 took the shipping industry by surprise. As a precaution ship Owners and Operators should sanitize their vessels.

If proper sanitation measures are not in place, ships are particularly prone to disease outbreaks. Ships have isolated communities with close accommodations, shared sanitary facilities and common food and water supplies. Such conditions can be favourable to the spread of infectious diseases.

Cleaning, sanitation, and decontamination services for vessels need specialized training, experience, and equipment. Albion Marine Solutions specializes in cleaning and decontamination for cruise ships, passenger vessels, yachts, offshore platforms, and boats. Our team can complete ship sanitation at ports or during voyage thanks to our riding squad.

We provide trained and certified personnel to perform sanitation services worldwide. We assist the maritime industry to prevent and control the introduction, transmission, and spread of illnesses onboard.