Albion Marine – Innovative Advanced Air Emissions Abatement Technology


With the support of Transport Canada, Albion Marine Solutions is working on development of an innovative Advanced Air Emissions Abatement Technology for ocean-going vessels.

 Phase 1 of the multi-year project has been successfully completed this week. It involved a detailed survey of the existing environmental scenario at five of the largest ports in Canada. Albion’s dedicated environmental engineering team was also involved with interactive discussions with the port authorities. Albion Marine is thankful to all the port authorities as well as other stakeholders for their participation during this phase.

 This adaptable technology solution intends to reduce the actual air emissions across Canadian ports. Albion is confident of improving the general air quality near ports much more than current standards by targeting capturing of near cent percentages of sulfur oxides (SOx), Nitrogen oxides (NOx), Particulate matter (PM2.5 & PM10) emitted from the vessels. This technology would be applicable for vessels in port or at anchorage.

 Moreover, Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions from transportation are playing a significant part in global warming. With the greenhouse gas emissions targets already being laid out by IMO, many shipping giants committing to net-zero CO2 emissions from vessel operations by 2050.  As a leader in environmental engineering, Albion Marine would like to play its part by providing this solution to Canadian ports.

Albion’s R&D team is working hard to develop a modular, mobile solution for air emission treatment. This would operate irrespective of vessel size, type, length of port stay, type of fuel burnt, or an existing air emission abatement technology present onboard.

Watch this space for more updates.



EMSA, ECDC launch COVID-19 guidance for cruise industry

EMSA and ECDC launched COVID-19 EU guidance for Cruise Ships. The guidance aims to provide a safe framework for the re-start of operations of cruise ships in the EU, by recommending minimum measures expected to be implemented by all those concerned. Albion Marine specializes in cleaning and decontamination for cruise ships, passenger vessels, yachts and boats. Our team can complete ship sanitation at ports or during voyage thanks to our riding squad. We provide trained and certified personnel to perform sanitation services worldwide. Contact us for more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Read more: Safety 4 Sea


Digitalization of Shipping – More important than ever

Digitalization, big data, and new technologies such as artificial intelligence are key in enabling the post-COVID recovery, IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim told a webinar (28 July) on Digital Connectivity and Data Standards. He highlighted IMO’s key role in ensuring shipping can embrace the digital revolution – while ensuring safety, environmental protection as well as cyber security. “Digitalization and new technologies will also be the key to allowing standardization and therefore enhancing the efficiency of shipping,” Mr. Lim said. The need for standardization was also highlighted by IMO’s Facilitation Head, Julian Abril, who noted the mandatory requirement for electronic data exchange in the Facilitation Convention, effective since April 2019. Discussions are currently underway towards making a single maritime window mandatory – so that all data for arrival and departure of ships is submitted through a single point and transmitted to the relevant agencies involved. More information: IMO News



Ballast Water Management – new requirements and operational challenges

This statutory news provides a summary of relevant guidance on various aspects of ballast water management such as on new IMO requirements for biological testing by sampling at commissioning of ballast water management systems and on contingency measures. It also includes recommendations for IOPP re-coupling and handling of typical operational challenges.

Biological testing by sampling at ballast water management system (BWMS) commissioning is done to confirm that a BWMS installed on a ship meets the D-2 discharge standard. This is required by Singapore’s administration and is recommended by Panama’s and Bahamas administrations already prior to the entry into force of the amended Regulation E-1 of the BWM Convention (3 October 2021.) 

Albion Marine Solutions offers ballast water sampling as part of BWTS health checks. More information: DVN.GL






Albion Marine Team Updates July

As the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed down Albion Marine's team has been extremely busy. We have been of great support to our clients, colleagues, and business partners during this crisis. Our team just completed phase I for an Advanced Air Emission Technology project designed to reduce air pollution emissions in major Canadian ports. Our team works hard to help reduce the environmental footprint of marine transportation. We have also completed the concept design for a 250 PAX hybrid ferry and a HVAC design for FPSO.