Coronavirus disease 2019 – IMO urges no unnecessary delays to ships

Following reports received regarding the impacts on the shipping industry of the sudden and rapid outbreak of the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), IMO has issued a Circular Letter advising Member States and others on implementation and enforcement of relevant IMO Instruments. The letter urges Flag State authorities, port State authorities and control regimes, companies and shipmasters to cooperate, in the current context of the outbreak, to ensure that, where appropriate, passengers can be embarked and disembarked, cargo operations can occur, ships can enter and depart shipyards for repair and survey, stores and supplies can be loaded, certificates can be issued and crews can be exchanged. The principles of avoiding unnecessary restrictions or delay on port entry to ships, persons and property on board are contained in articles I and V and section 6 of the annex to IMO’s Facilitation Convention

TT Club releases coronavirus guidance to transport operators

In addition to the heightened challenges transport operators are facing in moving their customers’ goods to and from China, insurance provider TT Club is advising on the unforeseen exposures that may also accrue. In a briefing compiled with the assistance of international lawyers HFW, TT Club has outlined how freight forwarders, logistics service providers and other intermediaries can protect themselves legally and minimise their liabilities, while still giving a quality service to their customers. Read more: Guidance to Transport Operators

Albion Marine Solutions New Services

Albion Marine Solutions team is growing and now we are offering a new service including, post installation maintenance, sensor calibration and troubleshoot of Exhaust Gas Scrubbers. We are witnessing an increasing number of recent installations that are not performing according to the requirements and the crew was left alone to deal with various issues, that eventually lead to major non-compliance and fines by the US Coast Guard or Port State Authorities. Our team is travelling the world to help identify the root of these problems and coming up with solutions. We have seen wrongly tapped in piping, cable termination by Yard, which was done not according to the maker's design, and duty engineer constantly distracted by ghost alarms and frequent equipment failure. Most of these issues have been picked during vessel visit and fixed right on the spot by our team.


Access concerning Chinese ports and shipyards

The Korean Registered issued a statement informing of the current situation in all Chinese ports and shipyards amid the coronavirus outbreak; The majority of the ports, listed on this article, prohibit any access, while some can be visited by acquiring permission from a local authority. For the full list click here


Scrubbers: the ‘next wave is coming’

Slow decision making by ship operators has led to delays in scrubber installations – but this is set to change in 2020. Albion Marine Director, Sergiy Yakovenko, predicts a new waive of scrubber retrofits. Our team works around the clock to provide a full range of services related to scrubber retrofits. Albion Marine Solutions provides fast track services for the development of engineering design packages for scrubber retrofits. Our Supervisors support Shipowners in yards worldwide during installation and commissioning. Our aftersales department is very busy with scrubber troubleshooting, sensor calibrations, and technical investigations. Our certified trainers conduct crew training for handling of chemicals on board. More information: Riviera Maritime