The recovery of the offshore market that began in Q4 2016 continues. Many  companies are starting to lock-in record low rates for both production and exploration drilling. The oil prices are expected to remain low. However there are a number of viable offshore projects today as a result of lower supply chain costs and revised development plans. It is anticipated near 30 potential  project awards will be made within next 12 months.


Albion Marine Solutions support our customers through the entire FSO/FPSO/FSU conversion project life cycle: Business Case development, Tendering, Planning, Procurement, Engineering, Construction, Commissioning and Installation.  

Our team has a proven track record of the  successful completion of offshore projects. This is achieved through the robust EPCM  life-cycle framework:
  • Diligent portfolio selection at the beginning
  • Investment commitment in design and planning stages
  • Setting adequate PMO , organization of project teams, partners and processes
  • Dedicated interface management between engineering and construction
  • Contractual risk sharing between client, owner/operators, EPCM and vendors
  • Effective tools for performance management and project control
  • Robust management of change system.



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