Albion Marine Solutions provides 3D laser scanning, 3D modeling, design and drafting services to offshore, construction, maritime and oil and gas industries. Our designers use the latest 3D CAD Modeling software to prepare 3D Concept models and detailed fabrication drawings for ship conversions, and plant upgrades including custom part and assembly modeling, prototype design, complex construction design, structural layouts and machinery. Our team carries extensive research before conceptualizing the final job. This help us to offer accuracy while identifying the clients’ needs.


  • Architecture and Construction
  • Oil & Gas
  • Shipping
  • Medical
  • Wind Energy
  • Offshore
  • Mining
  • Aerospace

As-Built Documentation

Our team has expertise to provide services for large scale scanning such as ship building, process industry, steel plants, power plants, piping layouts, platforms, oil rigs, civil engineering, digital factories, and much more. We use 3D Scanning Technology to obtain Point Cloud data. The three dimensional Point Cloud that is created can be navigated, drafted, and modeled in popular CAD and other applications.


3D Laser Scanning

Our team are factory trained and experienced professionals specializing in 3D Scanning. We utilize top of the line scanners with sub-millimeter accuracy. A number of 3D Scans are combines in a Point Cloud and represent the exact geometrical detailed of the surrounding objects. From a Point Cloud the designers develop a model of the machinery, plant, piping, structure, equipment for the concept design, basic, detailed and as-built engineering.


Laser Track Measurement

Using Laser Track our team offers our clients an unmatched range of measurements. The laser track uses CAM2/Measure X measurements software that enables CAD based analysis. 

Engineering Drafting

The 3D laser scan data is an irreplaceable tool in developing engineering design packages. Our designers combine the processed scan data, 3D models, existing arrangements, engineering design, and client requirements to create the required engineering deliverables: Conversion Specifications, Plans, and Detailed Fabrication drawings.


Reverse Engineering

Albion Marine Solutions offers reverse engineering services which include drawings of the physical object. Our high technology software enables us to apply manufacturing skills, functional skills, and knowledge to deliver product model and quality drawings.


Offshore Conversion

3D scanning and modelling is a valuable tool in complex, multidisciplinary projects where precise cut out and fitment of new offshore equipment is a common Scope of Work. Our personnel have extensive experience in offshore conversion and new builds: FSO, FPSO, FSRU, shuttles, oil rings and platforms.


Product Development

We offer our clients product development and design engineering services, which includes 2D to 3D conversion, concept design, 3D modeling, reverse engineering and surfacing model. Our team works closely with our clients to understand their design requirements to offer a feasible solution.


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