In anticipation of Sulphur Cap 2020 many shipowners opted not to go for scrubbers for some of their vessels. The compliance for these vessels would be achieved by operating on low sulphur distillate fuel while gradually converting to compliant blended fuels. Tank cleaning is the key to avoid compatibility and stability issues while transforming from Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) to 0.50% Heavy Fuel Oil (Global Fuel).

Classification societies, flag authorities and P&I Clubs are warning about the risks associated with residual fuel contamination. There is a high risk of undetected residue of non-compliance fuels remaining in tanks when switching from HFO to a Global Fuel. If there is a fraction of the HFO left in the tank, then it will contaminate the new product and will become a non-compliant. Therefore, the tank and piping system should be fully flushed, clearing out all last remnants of HFO before filling it with lower sulfur fuel.

Albion Marine is providing experienced riding teams for cost-effective, reliable and safe tank cleaning services worldwide

Technical considerations for continuous operations on compliant fuels.

There are some important technical considerations for continuous operations on compliant fuels which may involve, among other, fuel tankage allocation and separation, fuel handling system upgrades, handling of excess steam, auxiliary boilers upgrades. We utilize a holistic and methodical approach to development of cost-effective and reliable solution for each type of vessels. Albion Marine expertise is available in case you need any assistance with the review, studies or planning for Sulphur Cap 2020.



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