Albion Marine Solutions Ltd. assists Ship Owners and Operators in complying with looming marine environmental legislation. Insufficiently robust solutions could have detrimental commercial and compliance impact on vessel operation. Our professionals assist Owners in selection and implementation of the reliable legislation compliance at optimum Total Cost of Ownership.

We provide consultancy, market research, feasibility study, equipment selection, engineering package, project management and yard supervision/ riding crew retrofit services.

Our independent expertise extends to: 


Machinery and ship systems conversion for operation on low sulfur distillate fuels

Operation on low sulfur distillate fuel is good option for vessel occasionally trading to ECA. Our specialists assist in selection and implementation of most reliable and cost effective solution specially tailored to machinery, boilers , engines and fuel systems on board of your vessels. 


Bilge water and sludge handling optimization

Compliance with IMO MARPOL I still remains a major concern to many Ship Operators. OWS often seems do not perform as designed, crew is frustrated , bilge water and sludge ashore landings bills dig into your Company profits ? We can assist by reviewing existing layout and operational procedures and by recommending best solution.