Albion Marine is your one stop solution for Air Emissions Compliance needs. We help with the development of Implementation Plans and execution by carrying commercial and technical Feasibility Studies. We are available to assist Owners in the selection of most suitable equipment and provide engineering, fabrication, retrofit and project management services.

We provide solutions for tank cleaning services and development of operations and procedures to change over to compliance fuel or low sulphur fuel.

Albion Marine Solutions is turn key service provider. Our professional team is well prepared to plan, execute and support the retrofit of scrubbers, selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems on clients’ vessels while managing the operational and technology risks, and sourcing the most cost-effective and reliable solutions from Capex and future Opex perspective. 

The marine air emission reduction legislations are fast changing.

On August 1st 2006 the Baltic Sea became the first fully implemented SECA.

On August 11th 2007 the North Sea and English Channel became the second SECA under European Commission Directive 2005/33.

On January 1st 2015 the SOx and related particulate matter emissions were further reduced in ECAs by reducing fuel Sulphur content to 0.10%. In January 2014 North American ECA was implemented . It regulates SOx, particulate matter and NOx.

Outside of ECAs, the global limit of sulfur in fuel was reduced to 3.50% at the beginning of 2012, and will be further reduced to 0.50% in 2020. This will significantly increase the Opex for most of ships.

Compliance with IMO air emission regulations is a major concern for Shipowners and has considerable operational and commercial impact. For the existing and new build fleets trading to SECA and North America ECA areas a retrofit of the exhaust gas scrubbers, SCR or EGR could be a viable and a cost effective option. 


Shipowners are required to prepare Implementation Plans and start transitioning to operation compliant fuel Sulphur Cap 2020. According to the IMO Regulations, 14.1.3 of MARPOL Annex VI stipulates that the sulphur content of any fuel oil used on board ships must not exceed 0.50% m/m from 1 January 2020, except for ships using ‘equivalent’ compliance mechanisms. Albion Marine Solutions provides fast track services for the development and execution of the Implementation Plans.”

Albion Marine works around the clock providing a full range of services related to scrubber retrofits:

  • Technical and Commercial Feasibility Study
  • 3D scanning
  • Complete Engineering Package
  • Yard Supervision
  • Procurement and Logistic
  • Installation by Riding Crew, and at anchor
  • Scrubber Operation Health Check and Troubleshooting
  • Monitoring Equipment Calibration and Exchange Program
  • Crew Training for Scrubber Operation and Chemical Handling


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