3D Modeling

Albion Marine Solutions provides 3D laser scanning, 3D modeling, design and drafting services to offshore, construction, maritime and oil and gas industries. Our designers use the latest 3D CAD Modeling software to prepare 3D Concept models and detailed fabrication drawings for ship conversions, and plant upgrades including custom part and assembly modeling, prototype design, complex construction design, structural layouts and machinery. Our team carries extensive research before conceptualizing the final job. This help us to offer accuracy while identifying the clients’ needs.


  • Architecture and Construction
  • Oil & Gas
  • Shipping
  • Medical
  • Wind Energy
  • Offshore
  • Mining
  • Aerospace

As-Built Documentation

Our team has expertise to provide services for large scale scanning such as ship building, process industry, steel plants, power plants, piping layouts, platforms, oil rigs, civil engineering, digital factories, and much more. We use 3D Scanning Technology to obtain Point Cloud data. The three dimensional Point Cloud that is created can be navigated, drafted, and modeled in popular CAD and other applications.


3D Laser Scanning

Our team are factory trained and experienced professionals specializing in 3D Scanning. We utilize top of the line scanners with sub-millimeter accuracy. A number of 3D Scans are combines in a Point Cloud and represent the exact geometrical detailed of the surrounding objects. From a Point Cloud the designers develop a model of the machinery, plant, piping, structure, equipment for the concept design, basic, detailed and as-built engineering.


Laser Track Measurement

Using Laser Track our team offers our clients an unmatched range of measurements. The laser track uses CAM2/Measure X measurements software that enables CAD based analysis. 

Engineering Drafting

The 3D laser scan data is an irreplaceable tool in developing engineering design packages. Our designers combine the processed scan data, 3D models, existing arrangements, engineering design, and client requirements to create the required engineering deliverables: Conversion Specifications, Plans, and Detailed Fabrication drawings.


Reverse Engineering

Albion Marine Solutions offers reverse engineering services which include drawings of the physical object. Our high technology software enables us to apply manufacturing skills, functional skills, and knowledge to deliver product model and quality drawings.


Offshore Conversion

3D scanning and modelling is a valuable tool in complex, multidisciplinary projects where precise cut out and fitment of new offshore equipment is a common Scope of Work. Our personnel have extensive experience in offshore conversion and new builds: FSO, FPSO, FSRU, shuttles, oil rings and platforms.


Product Development

We offer our clients product development and design engineering services, which includes 2D to 3D conversion, concept design, 3D modeling, reverse engineering and surfacing model. Our team works closely with our clients to understand their design requirements to offer a feasible solution.



3D scanning of a crime scene prior to evidence collection is an important part of documentation. The use of 3D scanning technology allows investigators to preserve a permanent digital copy of a scene that can be viewed virtually. Police and insurance companies can use 3D scanning to take measurements, inspect evidence, and much more. A 3D scanner works smoother and faster than photography at a crime scene, providing critically important data.


From the design stage to the inspection stage, 3D scanning and measurement is an integral element of architecture, engineering and construction. For contractors, laser scanning lowers risk by ensuring  complete and accurate as-built drawings and  exposing any inaccuracies early in the process.


Our scanning services provide civil engineering and construction firms representations of mines and mining machinery. Accurate as-built documentation helps engineers determine measurements, and ensure standards for safety. 3D Laser Scan is designed to measure and monitor the stability of rock faces and slopes to improve safety. This provides an early warning of movement and therefore potential failures in the active mining area that may impact on production, cause damage to equipment or even cause injury to personnel. From the design stage to the inspection stage, 3D scanning is an integral element of architecture, engineering, and construction applications.

Oil & Gas 

Our team provides 3D laser scanning services in oil and gas applications to produce reliable and high quality data. Laser Scanning is safe, accurate and fast. Our team members accurately and efficiently capture data in locations where accessibility is difficult and areas are unsafe. 3D Scan provides reliable, accurate as-built information for facility upgrades and expansions. 


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Naval Architecture

Albion Marine Solutions offers vessel design services from initial concept through contractual design documentation to a final production working drawings and procurement support.

Our naval architects have gained experience working aboard ships and in shipyards. We partner with owners to design vessels that are ideally suited to a specific purpose by applying engineering solutions.

Our team has experience in design, optimization, conversion, repowering and various retrofit passenger’s vessels, ferries, tugs, tankers, FSO, FPSO, FSRU, barges, tankers, bulk carriers, LNG and specialized vessels. We provide a unique combination of seagoing and shipbuilding practical experience in the commercial marine industry with innovative design capabilities to produce highly efficient solutions for our clients.

We support clients through shipyard qualification and selection, bid review, contract negotiations and new build construction management.

Our naval architectural services include: 

  • Concept, Preliminary, Contract and Functional Design
  • Design Study Reports and Feasibility Studies
  • Repower Design Studies and Engineering
  • Vessel Conversion Studies and Engineering
  • Tonnage Support
  • Hull Development, Definition, and Fairing
  • Structural Design and Advanced Analysis, including FEA and CFD
  • Model Development

Ship Design

We have an experienced, professional staff of Naval Architects capable to face innovative design challenges. Our team has the experience, capabilities and capacity for any project. Albion Marine Solutions scope of services ranges from concept studies through design documentation, to production working drawings and procurement support.

Sample Projects

To reduce the environmental impact and carbon footprint Albion Marine has developed an innovative and state of the art Hybrid Patrol Vessel. The vessel design uses proven hybrid technology that guarantees perfect interaction between both diesel and diesel-electric with optimum power delivery. This design meets Transport Canada standards and of the member societies of International Association of Classification Societies (IACS). The primary purpose of the vessel would be to support the Harbour Master activity that includes conducting on-water compliance monitoring, port procedures education and enforcement, vessel escorts, removal of navigational hazards, and to assist in marine oil-spill response. In addition, the vessel could be used for scientific monitoring and sampling, conducting port tours and operating as a remote emergency operations centre.

Albion Marine has also developed an aluminum Oil Recovery Barge. Our team has designed a non-powered aluminum barges of varied sizes for increased storage capacity of recovered oil in calm waters that would be deployed in response to a marine pollution incident. All constructions and equipment complies with the Canadian Coast Guard Agency Standards and other regulations. 

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Fleet Operation Support: Crew Training and Planned Maintenance Systems

The crew training in operation and maintenance of the shipboard equipment and systems are the essential requirements under STCW 2010, other international conventions and national standards.

Albion Marine Solutions team can develop the vessel- and equipment-specific crew training manuals and computer-based training programs. The training program would be tailored to customer-specific needs. .

Albion Marine Solutions can also develop a maintenance program for the newly installed equipment. The maintenance program would include a maintenance schedule, OPEX cost projections, a detailed list of spare parts and of installed components, as well as a list of critical spares. The maintenance program would be designed to satisfy Class requirements and would also be customized for the Customer’s maintenance standards and policies.


Our team has extensive experience with various models of Planned Maintenance Systems (PMS), including DNV GL, NS5, AMOS, RAST, Neptune, InfoShip, TM Master, GL Shipmanager, Maximo, Bassnet, Star IPS and TeoMaki. We can develop and manage complete PMS and Dry Dock Management system.


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Tank Cleaning Services

In anticipation of Sulphur Cap 2020 many shipowners opted not to go for scrubbers for some of their vessels. The compliance for these vessels would be achieved by operating on low sulphur distillate fuel while gradually converting to compliant blended fuels. Tank cleaning is the key to avoid compatibility and stability issues while transforming from Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) to 0.50% Heavy Fuel Oil (Global Fuel).

Classification societies, flag authorities and P&I Clubs are warning about the risks associated with residual fuel contamination. There is a high risk of undetected residue of non-compliance fuels remaining in tanks when switching from HFO to a Global Fuel. If there is a fraction of the HFO left in the tank, then it will contaminate the new product and will become a non-compliant. Therefore, the tank and piping system should be fully flushed, clearing out all last remnants of HFO before filling it with lower sulfur fuel.

Albion Marine is providing experienced riding teams for cost-effective, reliable and safe tank cleaning services worldwide

Technical considerations for continuous operations on compliant fuels.

There are some important technical considerations for continuous operations on compliant fuels which may involve, among other, fuel tankage allocation and separation, fuel handling system upgrades, handling of excess steam, auxiliary boilers upgrades. We utilize a holistic and methodical approach to development of cost-effective and reliable solution for each type of vessels. Albion Marine expertise is available in case you need any assistance with the review, studies or planning for Sulphur Cap 2020.



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Offshore Oil and Gas Services

The recovery of the offshore market that began in Q4 2016 continues. Many  companies are starting to lock-in record low rates for both production and exploration drilling. The oil prices are expected to remain low. However there are a number of viable offshore projects today as a result of lower supply chain costs and revised development plans. It is anticipated near 30 potential  project awards will be made within next 12 months.


Albion Marine Solutions support our customers through the entire FSO/FPSO/FSU conversion project life cycle: Business Case development, Tendering, Planning, Procurement, Engineering, Construction, Commissioning and Installation.  

Our team has a proven track record of the  successful completion of offshore projects. This is achieved through the robust EPCM  life-cycle framework:
  • Diligent portfolio selection at the beginning
  • Investment commitment in design and planning stages
  • Setting adequate PMO , organization of project teams, partners and processes
  • Dedicated interface management between engineering and construction
  • Contractual risk sharing between client, owner/operators, EPCM and vendors
  • Effective tools for performance management and project control
  • Robust management of change system.



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