Albion Marine Solutions Ltd. brings extensive operational expertise and collaborates with design outfits to provide Clients with full range of design and engineering services.  

Each Owner has specific needs and set of goals. To meet these, we offer personalized engineering services. 

Offshore engineering can cover a wide variety of aspects, such as oil and gas extraction from natural reservoirs, designing offshore installations and offshore drilling equipment, and devising methods to maximise productivity.

Our team focuses on: 

• Offshore production specifics 

• Cost effectiveness 

• Installation operations and maintenance 

We are capable to provide reliable and cost effective “turn-key” solutions, that would include: 

• Concept Design

• 3D Scan

• Feasibility Study

• Basic Design

• Detailed Design

• Completion and Commissioning Plans

• Operation Procedures

Our specialists have background in Concept Design, Feasibility Studies, pre-FEED, FEED and Detailed Design of offshore installations and terminals. Our engineering team offers clients unique and innovative solutions, quality, and safety, and have valuable expertise.