Emerging technologies: New Electric and Hybrid propulsion systems

To address the effects of global warming, the marine and offshore industries are exploring for alternative fuels to reduce carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions and placing a greater emphasis on long-term solutions to develop cleaner technologies. Albion Marine Solutions Ltd. is proud to be on the front lines of developing new electric and hybrid propulsion technologies for the existing fleets and new builds to assist operators in implementing fuel-saving and energy-efficient solutions. 



It has already been a long time before Albion Marine solutions had completed the concept designs of an actual zero-emission cable ferry- Albion Zero and Albion Hybrid Patrol Vessel. According to Albion Marine Solutions Director Mr. Sergiy Yakovenko, "It's an engineering concept created for a river crossing in remote Northern areas with little or no infrastructure. Because of its modular design, may use it for a wide range of ferry designs."

The "Albion Zero" is a new kind of ferry that can run in an electrically driven cable mechanism powered by batteries. These batteries are charged with available renewable energy that is generated from the river stream, solar energy. On the other hand, Albion Hybrid Patrol Vessel specifically for the Coast guard. The primary benefit of this vessel is that it can run with dual-energy sources between electric and diesel engines, adequate for port inspections and finally help improve fuel efficiency. For more information on them, get in touch with our team or mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.