Ecotoxicity assessment gives open-loop scrubbers the all clear

The recent study on ecotoxicity was conducted following IMO GESAMP guidelines by DHI (Danish Hydraulics Institute) appointed by EGCSA (Exhaust Gas Cleaning System Association). The study tackles the question of whether or not the water discharged by scrubbers is harmful. To perform the study, discharge water was taken from four ships operating in northern Europe with open-loop scrubbers. The samples were homogenized and presented to different levels of marine organisms. In every case, the risk of ecotoxicity was much below the level that could be considered unacceptable. The results demonstrate that the Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems, specifically the open-loop scrubbers, do not endanger the marine ecosystem.


According to Don Gregory, Director of the EGCSA commented that  The study's findings were not surprising. The report debunks the myths and unsupported claims of some NGOs attempting to outlaw the use of residual fuel oil. Moreover, the study assures ports, harbors, and other authorities about the legality of operating open-loop scrubbers in their jurisdictions. Claims would face another 3.5 years of elevated Sulphur emissions if scrubbers were not installed.


Albion Marine Solutions is a turnkey service provider that emphasizes and focuses on creating a sustainable operating environment within the marine industry by providing economical and environmentally friendly exhaust gas cleaning system solutions. To reduce and completely diminish the impact of marine exhaust gas emissions on the environment, mainly by Sox and NOx Sulphur oxide and Nitrogen oxide, respectively. Albion professional team is well prepared to plan, execute and support the retrofit of scrubbers, selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems on client's vessels and the acceptance of turnkey exhaust gas cleaning systems to comply with IMO's existing and future emissions rules. To learn more about the study, you can also visit the official EGCSA website Ecotoxicity assessment gives open loop scrubbers the all clear – EGCSA