Albion Marine is your one stop solution for Air Emissions Compliance needs. We help with the development of Implementation Plans and execution by carrying commercial and technical Feasibility Studies. We are available to assist Owners in the selection of most suitable equipment and provide engineering, fabrication, retrofit and project management services.

We provide solutions for tank cleaning services and development of operations and procedures to change over to compliance fuel or low sulphur fuel.

Albion Marine Solutions is a turn-key service provider. Our professional team is well prepared to plan, execute and support the retrofit of scrubbers, selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems on clients’ vessels while managing the operational and technology risks, and sourcing the most cost-effective and reliable solutions from Capex and future Opex perspective.

Compliance with IMO air emission regulations are a major concern for Shipowners and has a considerable operational and commercial impact. For the existing and new build fleets trading to SECA and North America ECA areas a retrofit of the exhaust gas scrubbers, SCR or EGR could be a viable and a cost-effective option.

According to IMO Regulations, 14.1.3 of MARPOL Annex VI stipulates that the sulphur content of any fuel oil used on board ships must not exceed 0.50% m/m from 1 January 2020, except for ships using ‘equivalent’ compliance mechanisms. Albion Marine Solutions provides fast track services for the development and execution of the Implementation Plans.

Our team has work on solutions to develop the reduction of Air Emissions in Canadian Ports. We have completed several studies for shipowners, transport Canada and provincial organizations.


Albion Marine works around the clock providing a full range of services related to scrubber retrofits:

·         Technical and Commercial Feasibility Study

·         3D scanning

·         Complete Engineering Package

·         Yard Supervision

·         Procurement and Logistic

·         Installation by Riding Crew, and at anchor

·         Scrubber Operation Health Check and Troubleshooting

·         Monitoring Equipment Calibration and Exchange Program

·         Crew Training for Scrubber Operation and Chemical Handling

Our turn-key solutions include:

·         Feasibility studies

·         Installation

·         Supply of equipment 

·         Design


Inventory of Hazardous Materials

Inventory of Hazardous Materials is a system to control hazardous materials onboard ships and achieve compliance with the EU Ship Recycling Regulation (EU SRR) and Hong Kong Convention (HKC) for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships. Albion Marine Solutions team can perform full Inventory of Hazardous Materials for your vessel, enabling you to ensure a safe workplace, and be compliant with current and future regulations, such as SOLAS and MARPOL. We can assist you with the selection and approval of recycling facilities and recycling plans for your vessel.

Sewage Treatment Plant

Albion Marine’s sewage treatment plant is designed to comply with the IMO MEPC.227 (64), 2012 Guidelines on Implementation of Effluent Standards and Performance Tests for Sewage Treatment Plants and manufactured for meeting the marine sewage discharge standard to protect the ocean.

Vessel Design 

We have an experienced, professional staff of Naval Architects capable to face innovative design challenges. Our team has the experience, capabilities, and capacity for any project. Albion Marine Solutions scope of services ranges from concept studies through design documentation, to production working drawings and procurement support.



Our team understands the importance of keeping up with new technologies and legislations. To ensure your existing equipment can match these new requirements we offer retrofit services to ensure the equipment is optimized for your new demands.

We offer comprehensive retrofit packages from system evaluations to complete structural and enclosure rebuilds.


If you are having trouble with your boat, our troubleshooting services will find the problem before it’s too late. We provide troubleshooting, diagnostics, and repairs for all makes and models of engines. When your vessel encounters any type of trouble, our team of experts start with troubleshooting to find the root cause of the issue. We efficiently diagnose and solve the problem by using our knowledge, expertise and the latest tools to ensure that the problem is fixed.

Riding Crew

We provide trained and certified electricians, mechanics, pipe fitters and technicians to ensure safe and efficient repairs and retrofits on board of the ships at sea or in ports.

Riding Squads are composed based on the nature of the job scope. The voyage repairs are carried out onboard the vessels without hampering the routine operation of the vessels and thus no commercial loss for the clients.

Albion Marine can take up voyage repairs or work in the shipyard for new build and during routine dry-dock repairs with the Riding Squads.


After Sale Support 

Complete Health Check (Semi – annual) 

  • Detailed Checklist- based inspection by maker trained personnel.
  • Completely in-line with the periodic maintenance scope provided by the maker.
  • No infringement with any maker. Does not involve proprietary software checks.
  • Covers structural, mechanical and electrical maintenance scope
  • IAS and system integration checks, including electrical cabling issues.
  • Comprehensive health check report provided at the end with issues, recommendations and photos.
  • Usually combined with sensor calibration/ exchange program.

Sensor Exchange Calibration Program 

  • Calibration of all sensors as per maker’s manual.
  • Executed by maker-trained personnel.
  • Maker- certified calibrated sensor is installed while old sensor is sent to the sensor maker’s calibration facility and stored with AMS
  • Involves all commonly used sensors such as pH sensor, pAH probe and turbidimeter.
  • Quick turnaround time of only 2 weeks for calibration.
  • Usually combined and completed within the scrubber health check scope within the same vessel visit.
  • Sensor exchange/ replacement/ calibration – completely managed by a dedicated Albion Marine Project Manager”

Proud Associate Member of Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems Association