Albion Marine Solutions Ltd. brings extensive operational expertise and collaborates with design outfits to provide Clients with a full range of design and engineering maritime services.


Albion Marine has helped with the design of multiple ships that are operating worldwide. Our company has experience in Naval Architecture and covers a wide range of marine services. 


Our goal is always the satisfaction of our Clients, developing special designs to meet their requirements. Albion Marine’s focus on the improvements of marine technology, the changes in the market, and new requirements.


Our team works to optimize efficiency and operations of our Clients business goals. With each new project comes a new and unique solution. Regardless of the project size, Albion Marine provides the highest quality product that enables our Clients to realize to achieve their business potential.

Our maritime specialists have fully knowledge in all major trends that are currently affecting the maritime sector. By combining technical, financial, and operational expertise we assist clients with the commercial decision-making process while minimizing investment risk.



·         Feasibility Studies

·         Dock Front End Design, Layout & Upgrades

·         Multi-Discipline Marine Engineering: Structural, Mechanical, Piping, Electrical & Instrumentation

·         Engineering & Construction

·         Mooring

·         Damage & Maintenance Assessments