Albion Marine Solutions offers end-to-end solutions, managing all aspects of the project from selection and procurement of the suitable system to detailed engineering design, completion of modifications, installation, training and support.

Our team of professionals dedicated to your vessels will be composed of operational experts, design engineers and specialists in ballast water treatment systems, system deployment and piping, and specialists in engineering work and installation.


We provide a wide range of independent services in the field of Ballast Water Management: project management, engineering, consultancy, fabrication, installation and site supervision. Our expert portfolio combines an operational experience, technical expertise and a legislative knowledge. Our clients are shipowners, operators, government and independent organizations, post state control and ballast water treatment systems’ vendors.

We maintain an extensive technical and commercial database of BWTS currently available on the market. Albion Marine Solutions closely collaborates with a number of BWTS suppliers. Our personnel are trained by equipment manufacturers, have marine background and hands-on experience in project management of fleet upgrade programs.


Shipowners benefit from our unique “turn key” BWTS retrofit package or part of it, which includes:  

  • Project Planning
  • BWTS Selection
  • Optimized Shipboard Survey and 3D Scan
  • Basic Engineering
  • Detailed Engineering
  • Logistic and Procurement Support
  • Installation, Completion and Commissioning
  • Crew Training
  • Operation Support and
  • Ballast Water Sampling Services

We support Shipowners by participating in technical and commercial negotiations with equipment suppliers, attending Factory Acceptance Tests and Commissioning and assisting with BWTS Performance claims.

Albion Marine Solutions carries out Feasibility Studies and works with BWTS designers to marinize their equipment and make it suitable for specific type of vessels.   

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Water Sampling

Biological testing by sampling at ballast water management system (BWMS) commissioning is done to confirm that a BWMS installed on a ship meets the D-2 discharge standard. This is required by Singapore’s administration and is recommended by Panama’s and Bahamas administrations already prior to the entry into force of the amended Regulation E-1 of the BWM Convention (3 October 2021.) 

Albion Marine Solutions offers ballast water sampling as part of BWTS health checks.

Indicative & Detailed Sample Testing 

• Mandatory from October 2021 as per IMO guidelines & US VGP EPA 800-B-14-001  

• Indicative in-situ sampling for owner to be assured of results 

• Samples to be collected, stored and sent to USCG & Class approved laboratories 

• Results and report within 24 hours, if required.

Ballast Water Management Plans (BWMP)

• Changes to existing BWMP, including valve sequences & operation flowcharts 

• Class approval management 

Operational Support Services 

• BWTS planned maintenance program.  

• OPEX budget projections  

• Comprehensive retrofit documentation package.


After Sales Support

Annual Health Check completed within normal port stay – 24hours / 2 days 

Requires minimum crew assistance 

Heath Check includes: 

• Filter Operation, Verification and Inspection. 

• UVR, EC unit Inspection 

• CIP Checks (in case of UV system) 

• Valves, cables Check 

• Instrument Calibration as per Calibration Schedule 

• Hands on Crew Training 

• Overall inspection, including basic structural issues as well as issues noted by the vessel crew, alarm logs etc. 


Could be added on to Albion Marine’s Sensor Exchange/ Calibration Program within the same vessel visit.







Albion Marine’s deckhouse solution for ballast water treatment system (BWTS) plug and play arrangement is suitable for different makes of BWTS, electro -chlorination and UV technologies. It comes with all the necessary equipment for pre-assembled piping and electrical layout inside the deckhouse. If necessary, for tanker vessels, the equipment and electrical fittings can be made ex-rated as per IEC standard for hazardous area classification. 
The arrangement is modular with standard fitting for plug and play for the piping and electrical systems.

• Pre-assembled ballast system in standardized deckhouse designed to comply with rules, regulations and requirements of the OEM.

• Integrated solutions reviewed by classifications societies.

• Durable construction with materials according to class requirements.

• Designed to withstand operating temperatures and ensured climate regulation through integrated heating and ventilation. 

• Bulkheads and ceilings can be fitted with insulation and linings to operate at low temperature environment.

• Full backing from OEM’s global service organization.  


Scope of Supply:

• BWTS – Client preferred system

• Deckhouse heating & ventilation with power backups.

• Complete interior design with insulation, lining, ceiling, lighting, ex-proof fittings, WT doors.

• Fire and smoke detection system

• Optimization as per OEM and client requirements

• Design can be modified as per client and vessel requirements.

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